Week 13: Art Gallery – BFA Selected Artworks

So this weeks BFA Selected Artworks gallery had some really cool paintings. A lot of them were really good. The first one I saw was “Cyclical Nature” by Jeff Dulla. I liked it because it reminded me of a scene from a video game I really liked when I was younger. It kinda brought back a little nostalgia looking at the painting. The next one that caught my attention was “3 Legged Seagull” by Chase Wolcott. I just thought this painting was really cool because of the tiger just relaxing right next to the lady. Imagine if you could have a tiger just chilling with you? Another piece that caught my attention was “Plunge” by Francisco Palomares. It just made me think that no matter how high up you are in whatever you are doing, theres always a chance of just falling. The last piece I really liked in this gallery was “Trinity II” by Carlos Sierra. I just thought the image itself was super cool. The colors and just what was going on in the piece was pretty dope. This weeks gallery was honestly a really cool one!