Week 11: Activity – Student Choice

So this week I decided to try editing a photo I took a while back in Malibu. I’ve honestly never tried editing a photo using photo editing software. I didn’t really do much, but mess with every thing I could to get to what I did. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I just messed with the thingy’s until I got a picture I liked. My friends went camping in Malibu during the Summer and I had to get a picture of the bluffs. This picture is just really cool to me and I think the effects I added just make the picture look cooler. I’m not much a photographer, but I just love those scenic shots.









After: IMG_1524


Week 10: Activity – Photography

So dying unexpectedly would suck. When you think about it, life can truly end in less than a second and there you are, lifeless. Cold. Mortal. Dead. All the thoughts that were running through your head, cease to exist. All the physical abilities you had, ended. The things you could have seen, abruptly cut forever in this moment. But to us there’s a whole side unknown. The part that comes after death. Is it heaven? Hell? Forever wandering the Earth as a spirit? Or the scariest part to me, nothing? I don’t fear death. I only fear the things I would miss, the emotions of those I hold the closest, and what comes after death. This week I died. I was in my car and I died. I don’t know how, but the photos show that I, in fact, did die. I died like three different times because my “photographer” couldn’t seem to get the angle right. Dying really blows. That shit was not comfortable at all.



Week 10: Art Gallery – Sophia Dao

I am claustrophobic. I hate tight places and being in places I can’t step. For example, I hate going to some of my friends houses because their rooms are a mess. There’s clothes everywhere, there’s no space to sit, and it’s always just a mess. It’s never a matter of the room being small either, it’s purely from poor hygiene of the bedroom. Sophia’s paintings really inspired that anxious, cluttered, no space feeling. The paintings were of cluttered bedrooms that, for me, resembled the characteristics of some of my own friends’ messy rooms. I hate messy rooms. My room is always clean and organized. For me, it expresses comfort and space to relax and feel spacious.



Week 10: Student Interview – Richard Chavez

I can’t believe it finally got cold this week. As a Californian, it’s cold when the temperature gets to be <65. An Alaskan would blatantly call me a bitch. Through the actually chilly morning of Thursday, I managed to get an interview done right away. We both originate from the city of Downey, although our Alma Mater’s are different (major city-high school rivalries), but WE COOL NO BEEF. Richard considers himself to be outgoing and high spirited. He’s a freshman in Mechanical Engineering. He said that if there was a movie about his life, he’d want Andrew Garfield to play his character. Andrew Garfield is the actor from “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie series. He’s a dope actor. He was really good in “The Social Network”. Richard is pretty chill.


Week 9: Student Interview – Kathleen Nguyen

One time in middle school in math I was sleeping and my teacher woke me up, called me out on it, and to try to mess with me in class he told me to do the example equation on the board… I did it in my head and immediately gave him the correct answer without doing the work or standing up. The whole class laughed. My teacher sent me up to the vice principals office. I didn’t know how else to start this blog post so I thought I’d say a funny story. This week I interviewed Kathleen Nguyen. She is an ordinary freshmen, but an athlete in water polo and swimming. She is currently studying Health Care Administration. When I asked her which historical figure she would like meet and why, she said Leonardo da Vinci so she could ask him how he had the ability to just learn and be amazing at everything. Her ambitions for herself are to go grad school and help manage hospitals. Her inspiration behind this is that she wants to help people, but without having to deal with their blood and guts and stuff directly. She wants to make hospitals super efficient and at their best in favor of the patients and the doctors working.


Week 9: Artist Gallery – Heather Hassenbein

So walking through this weeks galleries was cool. There was a lot to see and a lot to take in. They were full of very interesting pieces by people with very good ways of visualizing their point through various forms of art. My favorite piece(s) were by Heather Hassenbein. Her concept of having the art promote beauty and other happy feelings caught my attention. I really enjoyed her piece (pictured) of green clay with pink and red. I really reminded me of a field of green grass and pink flowers. Just somewhere peaceful. The other piece (also pictured) of the white clay going across with black swirls inside reminded me of Oreo’s and cream Hersheys chocolate bars. No lie I went and got an Oreo’s and cream Hersheys chocolate bar later that day. I really liked this exhibit. It was really interesting.



Week 9: Activity – New Blogs

So this week I’ve had a little difficulty with the blogs. I’m trying to create a really good on because I’m trying to make it my actual music blog for my actual music. It’s being a bit difficult but I really want to make it a good page, so I still haven’t posted the about me on the page but you can find the page at ” whiskey motel.wordpress.com “. I’m working on music to upload as well as a good and capturing design for the page. It will be done soon so check up on it! Having said all that, I still did my video which can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I2aai4hewc&feature=youtu.be  I am really working on a lot of music right now so this site will be done soon!

Week 8: Art Gallery – Mark Rissman

This week I saw the gallery by Mark Rissman. It revolved around the digital technology surrounding us. Being a computer science major I was intrigued by the photos he took of these technological headquarters. His art work shows how much space these places take up in our world and how much we depend and rely on all they provide. The photo’s I liked were the ones of Google and and Apple. These two companies are major in our world today. They impact our world and take up a lot of our space in the world and our time. Technology is expanding always.




Week 8: Student Interview – Sarra Beauzil

This weeks weather was a mishmash of hot and cold. The mornings had me fooled as the sun rose to give me whatever cancer it felt like burning into my skin. Arriving at the Gallery on Thursday, I had just beat the sun to the shade when I met Sarra and decided to ask to interview her. She is a Sophomore who is studying Child Development. Her ambitions are to be a social worker or stay at home mom with a ballin ass husband. She wants to be a social worker because it’s a way for her to help people. For her she would be helping kids. I asked her what inspired her to want to help people and for her it was being a nurse. Being a nurse was her initial career choice, but she didn’t want to deal with all the blood but she still wanted to help people who were in harms way. That’s why she chose to be a social worker.


Week 7: Art Gallery – Kenita Hale

Say yes. Conform. Follow. Obey. All of these concepts are found in Religion, government, and media. I fucking hate it. They give you the freedom to express individuality, but expect you to fall into the line of their demands. What part of that is freedom exactly? Religion especially just shows major oppression towards so many possibilities of advancement. Kenita Hale’s exhibit “The Afterparty” represented a shrine. It was dark, candles were lit, busts and statues of gods were on small tables, and they had little forms of sacrifices to each one, mainly money. It captured the true deep meanings of religion, which I really enjoyed because I really hate religion (not that I don’t respect them, they just cause too many problems and in the end, it’s really just two groups arguing over who has the better imaginary friend). This exhibit was cool and funny to me. Really awesome!