Week 15: Art Gallery – Body^3

So the art galleries have been pretty cool throughout the semester. I really enjoyed going to them. I will probably continue visiting them just to see whats up with the CSULB art scene. This week I was just grabbed by the exhibition by Troy Rounseville. It was a room filled with instruments automated and programmed to play themselves, all being controlled by motion sensors in a room of mirrors. Waving my hand in front of one of the mirror-walls would initiate the kick drum to play. Ambient C-chords were played throughout the whole process of interaction in this exhibit. It really exemplified on communication. To me I saw it as the things we do can initiate an interaction with something we don’t expect. The room full of mirrors showed me initiating the chords and the kicks.






Week 15: Student Interview – Connor Bailey

So this week marks the last week of student interviews. I almost feel like I’m going to miss doing them during the galleries. But I also feel like I’m going to forget 2 days into Winter vacation because I, like many other people of my generation, have very short attention spans. Connor defines himself as a cinematographer. He likes to direct what the camera does and likes to control the lighting. He see’s cinematography very clearly in the way he wants to portray something or set a mood. He is a freshman and is a film major. If there was a movie on his life, Connor would want Owen Wilson to play his character. His ambitions are to be a professional cinematographer working for a studio. His inspiration for this comes from Star Wars. He watched the original series and watched the behind the scenes footage and to him, just seeing the way the movie was made was enough to convince him about what his passion should be.


Week 13 – Student Interview: Vanessa Garcia

So this week I interviewed Vanessa Garcia. She is a 2nd year studying Biology. She is studying it for forensics. Her goal from this is to go to USC grad school. If she could meet any historical figure (or in my terms anyone who’s technically deceased) she said she would meet Paul Walker (R.I.P) who is definitely someone I would like to meet too! Her ambitions are to travel anywhere different than California. Her preference was Spain, which is an awesome country! Love it there. Her inspirations are her parents. She didn’t have much growing up so it definitely is a driving factor for her to achieve success. Vanessa Garcia is a pretty chill person.


Week 13: Art Gallery – BFA Selected Artworks

So this weeks BFA Selected Artworks gallery had some really cool paintings. A lot of them were really good. The first one I saw was “Cyclical Nature” by Jeff Dulla. I liked it because it reminded me of a scene from a video game I really liked when I was younger. It kinda brought back a little nostalgia looking at the painting. The next one that caught my attention was “3 Legged Seagull” by Chase Wolcott. I just thought this painting was really cool because of the tiger just relaxing right next to the lady. Imagine if you could have a tiger just chilling with you? Another piece that caught my attention was “Plunge” by Francisco Palomares. It just made me think that no matter how high up you are in whatever you are doing, theres always a chance of just falling. The last piece I really liked in this gallery was “Trinity II” by Carlos Sierra. I just thought the image itself was super cool. The colors and just what was going on in the piece was pretty dope. This weeks gallery was honestly a really cool one!





Week 12: Art Gallery – Taking my Time in the Paradigm

This art show I loved the most this semester. It was really peaceful. The first thing I saw was the Stalagmite and Stalactite  sculpture in the middle of the room. It reminded me of a natural type of pillar. The thing I loved the most about this gallery was the grass corner with the rocking chair. I really love nature and that instantly brought to me a feeling of relaxation. Really cool exhibit.





Week 12: Student Interview – Sam Gold

Sam Gold. A freshman studying marketing. Thats who I interviewed this week. If he were to meet any historical figure it would be Walt Disney. He would ask him about what drove him to be so creative. If there was a movie on his life, he would want Jonathan Bennett to play his character because of the slight resemblance. His ambition is to be the director of marketing for a fortune 500 company. What drives him is the concept of unlimited opportunity. Sam seems like a very driven individual.


Week 12: Activity Feedback

So this semester for art was really cool! My 3 favorite activities were The Graffiti one, the landscapes, and the student choice. They really incorporate creativity in an individual. My least favorite activities were plaster casting, kickstarter, and the counterfactual identity. They weren’t that fun and just didn’t really do much for me. All in all the class was fun and the lectures were really interesting. I definitely think that something that would make the class better would be activities like an attempt at making a funny video, incorporating an assignment with vine, and something that takes people out of their comfort zone in an easier way.

Week 11: Student Interview – Corinne Sampson

Corinne is a dancer. She didn’t identify herself as much more. She likes to be free from peoples expectations in that case. It’s a cool form of expression. She’s a third year studying dance. If she could meet any historical figure it would be George Balanchine. She described him as the man who brought modernism to ballet. She considers herself to be lucky because she has what she needs to survive and be happy. Her ambitions are to dance professionally and to help other dancers from their injuries. She wants to help them so they can carry their careers as long as they can. Her inspiration comes from nature and the forests. I find inspiration in the forest too. It’s really peaceful and fresh out there.


Week 11: Art Gallery – Shifting Focus

This week there were some really cool paintings in the galleries. I really liked the ones from the “Shifting Focus” exhibition. It was very abstract. The one I liked the most from this one was “The Golden Shower”. It shows a nun holding a baby on her fingertip while the baby puts a headband made of thorns and flowers on her head. To me it showed a way of praise towards religion. The baby represents the youth that is guided into the beliefs. The baby putting on the thorn band shows the praise towards the nun as she is supposed to be in the religion. Another painting I liked was of graffiti in the exhibit next door. It reminded me of the Berlin wall which is really cool.