Week 15: Art Gallery – Body^3

So the art galleries have been pretty cool throughout the semester. I really enjoyed going to them. I will probably continue visiting them just to see whats up with the CSULB art scene. This week I was just grabbed by the exhibition by Troy Rounseville. It was a room filled with instruments automated and programmed to play themselves, all being controlled by motion sensors in a room of mirrors. Waving my hand in front of one of the mirror-walls would initiate the kick drum to play. Ambient C-chords were played throughout the whole process of interaction in this exhibit. It really exemplified on communication. To me I saw it as the things we do can initiate an interaction with something we don’t expect. The room full of mirrors showed me initiating the chords and the kicks.






Week 15: Student Interview – Connor Bailey

So this week marks the last week of student interviews. I almost feel like I’m going to miss doing them during the galleries. But I also feel like I’m going to forget 2 days into Winter vacation because I, like many other people of my generation, have very short attention spans. Connor defines himself as a cinematographer. He likes to direct what the camera does and likes to control the lighting. He see’s cinematography very clearly in the way he wants to portray something or set a mood. He is a freshman and is a film major. If there was a movie on his life, Connor would want Owen Wilson to play his character. His ambitions are to be a professional cinematographer working for a studio. His inspiration for this comes from Star Wars. He watched the original series and watched the behind the scenes footage and to him, just seeing the way the movie was made was enough to convince him about what his passion should be.