Week 10: Student Interview – Richard Chavez

I can’t believe it finally got cold this week. As a Californian, it’s cold when the temperature gets to be <65. An Alaskan would blatantly call me a bitch. Through the actually chilly morning of Thursday, I managed to get an interview done right away. We both originate from the city of Downey, although our Alma Mater’s are different (major city-high school rivalries), but WE COOL NO BEEF. Richard considers himself to be outgoing and high spirited. He’s a freshman in Mechanical Engineering. He said that if there was a movie about his life, he’d want Andrew Garfield to play his character. Andrew Garfield is the actor from “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie series. He’s a dope actor. He was really good in “The Social Network”. Richard is pretty chill.



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