Week 10: Activity – Photography

So dying unexpectedly would suck. When you think about it, life can truly end in less than a second and there you are, lifeless. Cold. Mortal. Dead. All the thoughts that were running through your head, cease to exist. All the physical abilities you had, ended. The things you could have seen, abruptly cut forever in this moment. But to us there’s a whole side unknown. The part that comes after death. Is it heaven? Hell? Forever wandering the Earth as a spirit? Or the scariest part to me, nothing? I don’t fear death. I only fear the things I would miss, the emotions of those I hold the closest, and what comes after death. This week I died. I was in my car and I died. I don’t know how, but the photos show that I, in fact, did die. I died like three different times because my “photographer” couldn’t seem to get the angle right. Dying really blows. That shit was not comfortable at all.




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