Week 9: Student Interview – Kathleen Nguyen

One time in middle school in math I was sleeping and my teacher woke me up, called me out on it, and to try to mess with me in class he told me to do the example equation on the board… I did it in my head and immediately gave him the correct answer without doing the work or standing up. The whole class laughed. My teacher sent me up to the vice principals office. I didn’t know how else to start this blog post so I thought I’d say a funny story. This week I interviewed Kathleen Nguyen. She is an ordinary freshmen, but an athlete in water polo and swimming. She is currently studying Health Care Administration. When I asked her which historical figure she would like meet and why, she said Leonardo da Vinci so she could ask him how he had the ability to just learn and be amazing at everything. Her ambitions for herself are to go grad school and help manage hospitals. Her inspiration behind this is that she wants to help people, but without having to deal with their blood and guts and stuff directly. She wants to make hospitals super efficient and at their best in favor of the patients and the doctors working.



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