Week 8: Student Interview – Sarra Beauzil

This weeks weather was a mishmash of hot and cold. The mornings had me fooled as the sun rose to give me whatever cancer it felt like burning into my skin. Arriving at the Gallery on Thursday, I had just beat the sun to the shade when I met Sarra and decided to ask to interview her. She is a Sophomore who is studying Child Development. Her ambitions are to be a social worker or stay at home mom with a ballin ass husband. She wants to be a social worker because it’s a way for her to help people. For her she would be helping kids. I asked her what inspired her to want to help people and for her it was being a nurse. Being a nurse was her initial career choice, but she didn’t want to deal with all the blood but she still wanted to help people who were in harms way. That’s why she chose to be a social worker.



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