Week 7: Student Interview – Michelle Morte

John Mulaney has this really funny stand up special called “New In Town” on netflix that I suggest everyone watch. Also, I suggest that everyone watch his show on Fox on Sunday nights. It’s hilarious. We started by talking about comedy. Michelle Morte, like me, also likes John Mulaney. She’s the first person I’ve met who actually knew that name. Michelle is a film major. When I asked her how lucky she considers herself to be she said that she was very lucky, but hates people. Not the “I’m going to sit in a dark room and make everyone rue the day they got in my way” or  “I’m the ISIS to your America” type of hates people. It’s like the type where you’re sitting in class and your professor states this whole important thing after he explicitly made it clear to the whole class that what he said is very important and theres just that one person that missed everything he said and makes him repeat everything due to his lack of attention, screw that guy. That’s the type of “hate people” people hating she does. Which is cool because I do that too. Her dream is to own a full service movie production studio with all the equipment she could ever need. Her inspirations come from the fact that movies are another world to escape to and the concept of it really motivates her to study and understand film.



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