Week 7: Art Gallery – Kenita Hale

Say yes. Conform. Follow. Obey. All of these concepts are found in Religion, government, and media. I fucking hate it. They give you the freedom to express individuality, but expect you to fall into the line of their demands. What part of that is freedom exactly? Religion especially just shows major oppression towards so many possibilities of advancement. Kenita Hale’s exhibit “The Afterparty” represented a shrine. It was dark, candles were lit, busts and statues of gods were on small tables, and they had little forms of sacrifices to each one, mainly money. It captured the true deep meanings of religion, which I really enjoyed because I really hate religion (not that I don’t respect them, they just cause too many problems and in the end, it’s really just two groups arguing over who has the better imaginary friend). This exhibit was cool and funny to me. Really awesome!





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