Week 7: Activity – Painting

Tagging is fun. Drawing a design to the name you choose to represent, really can leave a mark. Growing up I used to tag places, whether it was sticker slapping a pre made design or doing a design on a wall with a black sharpie pen, I would just do it. A thing we used to do was go to the post office and get the stickers that had “To:” and “From:” written on them. They’re about the size of a 3×5 notecard and they honestly are a free, empty, conveniently shaped canvas. What we would do is draw whatever we wanted on them, and then we would go and sticker slap a street sign, window, wall, you name it. Wherever we were, when no one was looking, our drawing/whatever would be slapped.

This week I just did my name in a basic type of “Graffiti” style. I was going to do my old tagging name, but I just thought to stick to just doing my real name. I did a bubble style with just black, red and green. Tagging, as explained by the video we saw in class, really is a form of expression and rebellion. It’s art. It has and does give meaning.



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