Week 6: Student Interview – Kylie Hazehara

So this week I almost forgot about the student interview. Walking around checking out the exhibitions took a bit of time for me (I really like to examine each exhibition) and soon class started to come to an end. But then I found an interviewee, SWWWWAAAAGGGGGG.

Kylie Hazehara is an undeclared freshman. She described herself as a spontaneous adventurer. Adventures are fun because stuff happens on adventures and that isn’t very specific for a description. She said she’s leaning towards kinesiology. I asked her what historical figure she would meet and why. Her response was Jesus so she could see if he really is who he claimed to be. The son of Mohammed, I think… I always get my religions mixed up). She said if she were to have an actress portray her in a movie about her life, she would pick Emma Stone. Emma Stone would pull that shit off.



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