Week 6: Artist Interview – Emily Babbette

This week there were many art installments in the galleries. One very abstract, one that wasn’t “working”, and one that I really enjoyed. It took a while for me to get through everything and pick which one I wanted to write about and interview.

Emily Babbette’s exhibition of her paintings as she traveled the West Coast and Australia was really cool. I really enjoy traveling and this really grabbed my attention. I love the feeling of being outdoors and viewing scenery as she did (although I wouldn’t be painting it). It’s really peaceful and inspiring. A lot can come from sitting away from the world and thinking in tune with yourself. Lost and Found. The name works. Being lost in our new culture makes us, in a way, lost from our heritage. Emily tracing her routes shows how she still can trace her roots and see her heritage, even when she’s adopted a new culture.




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