Week 5: Artist Interview – CSULB Photography Club

So this week I didn’t get a chance to meet with the Photographer that took the photos that caught my attention, but nonetheless his/her photos caught my attention. The images of the riverbeds really brought me to think about the ones I grew up skating with my friends in. Living in Downey, I have multiple riverbeds running through the city. Two in particular look like the one in the image. For the Rio San Gabriel Riverbed, my friends and I skate there. We used to go there when we were younger and still go to this day. Its just open and perfect to skate and bmx in. Theres at least 3 manmade ramps in there. On the other side of the city theres another riverbed. I don’t know the real name, but we like to call it “King-Kongs Asshole”. Once you cross the riverbed you get to this area with a huge tunnel that runs about 1 mile long. You walk through it and end up far down the riverbed in LA. It’s tall enough to stand up in and theres no water or people to bother you. So yeah, these photo’s, they brought back memories.





IMG_3770 IMG_3769 IMG_3768


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