Week 5: Activity – Counterfactual Identity

So on Saturday I decided to try out this assignment. I might have done it a little differently but I still interacted with people I’ve never met. A friend of mine threw a house party and aside from the friends, there were new and random people. So I tried a different personality. Instead of being the outgoing, funny, and flirty, I just decided to be an asshole. I didn’t change my appearance much, but I just got dressed up like I was going out.

Upon playing the “fun” grown up version of ping-pong, I acted like the best player who ever existed, even though I’m not that great (I mean I don’t suck, but I’m not in a frat so I guess I’m not that good). I talked smack to the other team even when my team was losing. I still acted like every shot was better than theirs even if it missed, and just to piss them off, I gave them pointers on how to throw correctly. It was fun.

During this activity I kept the same name, but I just gave myself a new personality to mess with. I love doing it anyways. It’s fun to mess with people and Louis C.K. has definitely taught me well through his stand up on how to really mess with people. It’s just funny to see their reactions. The reactions I saw, were funny since the people really got mad as if I ruined their night. It’s a game and I was just messing around. Nothing really harmful if you ask me.








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