Week 5: Student Interview – Anthony Diaz

It’s easy for me to say that music is a language anyone can understand and it always makes for a good conversation. Talking to Anthony, I found we share one same inspiration on music. We both find inspirational joy in making music with others and hearing it come together. It definitely makes us proud when a song comes together. It’s a push in the right directions for ourselves.

One of his ambitions is to always be moving forward musically. Learning and improving on new skills and his skills. One main driving factor is psychedelic music. To him it has a massive genre of just any type ranging from rock to funk. When listening to psychedelic one will find it as one of the main influences on music today. Ambient tones, unusual chords, and their chord progressions. They all add a specific (mellow) feel to music.

I asked Anthony if he were to have a movie on his life, who would he want to play his character. His response was Steve Buscemi. Steve Buscemi is a man who can portray a variety of characters whether he’s being a serious one in “Boardwalk Empire” or if he’s being a cooky, unusual person like “Crazy Eyes” from the movie “Mr. Deeds.” I can definitely see Steve playing Anthony’s character.steve-buscemi


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