Week 4: Student Interview – Evan Huang

Walking around trying to find someone to interview and I got Evan. We are very much alike. For instance I’m in an art class like him and we both wear shoes. But we also enjoy Blink-182. They are the voice of a generation. We both were huge fans of the band. Evan said it was his favorite, but he was jelly when I told him I saw them live at the Wiltern last year. Front row pit. I could have touched Tom if he would have just reached out. Also, Evan was a police explorer. Its a program where minors can see how it is to be a police officer and they work with the police. He really enjoyed the program. When I was in it, I hated it. It was the equivalent to being injected with AIDS. Because being injected with AIDS isn’t fun for anyone. Imagine the best part of your life, and it would be the complete opposite. Evan is a cool guy.



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