Week 3: Student Interview – Michelle Hall

Italian food kicks ass. You ever eat Olive Garden breadsticks? I’d slap Mayweathers ass if I was guaranteed a lifetimes worth of Olive Garden breadsticks. Michelle Hall works at Olive Garden. She probably can’t get me breadsticks for a lifetime, but in the case that I was in Cypress and I happened to get “Take Out” from Olive Garden, and Michelle was the one taking my order, she’d be the one exchanging me breadsticks for money. She’s a “Take Out Specialist” there. Of all the people that take the take out orders, she’s the one you’d want to trust. She’s a specialist. Her inspirations caught my attention because they were unique. Most people find inspiration in an object or quote. She finds it in herself, her family, and in the things that come her way. I wish I could inspire myself, but my inspiration lies somewhere else. I can’t find it. It’s hiding. My inspiration is a jerk. Screw it. I don’t need it anyways. Anywhoozle, she’s just finishing up learning how to teach. Lets hope she’s a kickass teacher. Not like she’s gonna kick peoples asses but in the manner of people saying “YEAH MICHELLE HALL IS THE BEST AT TEACHING, SCREW THE HATERS.”



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