Week 3: Artist Interview – Christopher Vavrek

So walking into a room full of wires and computers just hanging around everywhere would make a computer science major feel at home, wouldn’t you think? Complete opposite. Christopher Vavrek’s exhibit was an obscure one. TV’s, computer screens, and projectors, all displaying (upside-down, sideways, you name it) images of what seemed to be just letters. To the untrained eye, it would probably look like code, but it was really just gibberish letters, but the coding isn’t what it was capturing. The artist was creating sculptures from old thrown out pieces of technology we deem obsolete. Using these obsolete items, he means to give them use again, but in his own form of sculptures. To me, it put me off track, walking through obscure scenarios. It felt in a way like chaos. A lot of people think that technology is a form of chaos. Unfortunately, the artist wasn’t here for me to truly ask him about his view on this specific exhibit, but to me it showed that technology can put us in our own forms of chaos. Being stuck within the flow of media and simplicity. It’s like being trapped.






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