Week 2: Student Interview – Christopher Soerachmat

I like creative people. Those people who just flow an idea. They push me and I just get creative with them and ideas will flow just back and forth. With Chris, even the simple 10 minute interview was enough to show me he has a truly creative side waiting to find an opportunity where his talent will immensify. He films comedy. As easy as it sounds, it’s not. Comedy is a talent. A skill. A mindset. And scripting it needs real talent and a lot of ideas. Chris is film major with a feel for comedy. For him its not just a movie, its a creative process, bringing out ideas he sees in his mind played out for us to enjoy. People like this are the best. I like seeing passion for making comedy, for I am truly passionate about comedy. I gotta talk to Chris more often. Maybe we can get a project going soon. On this campus, connections are everywhere, ideas are waiting to be explored, and Chris, I definitely need to hear more of your ideas because with 2 minds, possibilities are endless.


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