Week 2: Relational Aesthetics

Everyone is different. I truly believe that if everyone takes the time to appreciate themselves and their mind they will find the differences in them compared to others. After seeing 400+ instagram pictures I realized that even though we all are different, we can still share similar interests or be intrigued by others.  The first image I relate to is the one of “The Legend of Korra”. It is a cartoon aired on Nickelodeon. Not many people my age would find this show entertaining but being a huge fan of the original series pushed me to being a fan of the next series. It’s good to see that there are people who still enjoy good meaningful cartoons. On the next Image of the religious posters, I love religion because it is a really good way for aspiring comedians, like me, to practice material with. To a comedian, stupidity, absurdity, and contradictions are gold. And religion is a gold mine full of absurdity and contradictions. I also really like gold. “The look of it. The taste of it. The texture.” -Goldmember (Austin Powers in Goldmember) The next image is of a PS4. I’m a fan of sony 100% of the way. They have my utmost support. Not many people I know have PS4’s but through this assignment I found that at least I know of one more supporter. The final image is of my own. It is a saddle, clearly intoxicated, riding a chair. Its essentially a chair within a chair. Chairception. 10683760_792450207464207_1163595490_n 10691919_804417166256564_341319249_n 10617090_795555917171610_347827089_n 10643808_1530286953874134_1115648191_n

Even though we are all individuals, connections can always be made, even if a person is a polar opposite, there will always be something.


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