Week 1: Student Interview – Andrew Aragon

So as stated in my last post, I’m a musician. I’m truly passionate music. Walking around I managed to meet someone. The last thing I expected was to carry a conversation about music and our inspirations. Andrew Aragon. Truly passionate about his instrument, the guitar. Upon our conversation I learned a couple things from him, such as new artists to look for. Some suggestions he gave me was Toro y Moi. This artists style has now turned into a form of new inspirations for my musical endeavors. Talking to him about his musical ideologies, I learned that he was influenced by all styles of music. His main focus though are the styles of Jazz, Funk, Psychadelic, and Pop. For him these artists serve as a influence, but when it came to the White Stripes… a whole new meaning was given to him. He learned from them that a guitar has more tones to it than just the ones that come from the strings. For me, I had a similar epiphany when I heard Art Tatums “Night and Day” played in its various renditions. His style shaped and influenced my style of playing to where I have surpassed so much in so little time. It’s true what they say, music is a language everyone understands.



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