Week 5: Activity – Counterfactual Identity

So on Saturday I decided to try out this assignment. I might have done it a little differently but I still interacted with people I’ve never met. A friend of mine threw a house party and aside from the friends, there were new and random people. So I tried a different personality. Instead of being the outgoing, funny, and flirty, I just decided to be an asshole. I didn’t change my appearance much, but I just got dressed up like I was going out.

Upon playing the “fun” grown up version of ping-pong, I acted like the best player who ever existed, even though I’m not that great (I mean I don’t suck, but I’m not in a frat so I guess I’m not that good). I talked smack to the other team even when my team was losing. I still acted like every shot was better than theirs even if it missed, and just to piss them off, I gave them pointers on how to throw correctly. It was fun.

During this activity I kept the same name, but I just gave myself a new personality to mess with. I love doing it anyways. It’s fun to mess with people and Louis C.K. has definitely taught me well through his stand up on how to really mess with people. It’s just funny to see their reactions. The reactions I saw, were funny since the people really got mad as if I ruined their night. It’s a game and I was just messing around. Nothing really harmful if you ask me.








Week 5: Artist Interview – CSULB Photography Club

So this week I didn’t get a chance to meet with the Photographer that took the photos that caught my attention, but nonetheless his/her photos caught my attention. The images of the riverbeds really brought me to think about the ones I grew up skating with my friends in. Living in Downey, I have multiple riverbeds running through the city. Two in particular look like the one in the image. For the Rio San Gabriel Riverbed, my friends and I skate there. We used to go there when we were younger and still go to this day. Its just open and perfect to skate and bmx in. Theres at least 3 manmade ramps in there. On the other side of the city theres another riverbed. I don’t know the real name, but we like to call it “King-Kongs Asshole”. Once you cross the riverbed you get to this area with a huge tunnel that runs about 1 mile long. You walk through it and end up far down the riverbed in LA. It’s tall enough to stand up in and theres no water or people to bother you. So yeah, these photo’s, they brought back memories.





IMG_3770 IMG_3769 IMG_3768

Week 5: Student Interview – Anthony Diaz

It’s easy for me to say that music is a language anyone can understand and it always makes for a good conversation. Talking to Anthony, I found we share one same inspiration on music. We both find inspirational joy in making music with others and hearing it come together. It definitely makes us proud when a song comes together. It’s a push in the right directions for ourselves.

One of his ambitions is to always be moving forward musically. Learning and improving on new skills and his skills. One main driving factor is psychedelic music. To him it has a massive genre of just any type ranging from rock to funk. When listening to psychedelic one will find it as one of the main influences on music today. Ambient tones, unusual chords, and their chord progressions. They all add a specific (mellow) feel to music.

I asked Anthony if he were to have a movie on his life, who would he want to play his character. His response was Steve Buscemi. Steve Buscemi is a man who can portray a variety of characters whether he’s being a serious one in “Boardwalk Empire” or if he’s being a cooky, unusual person like “Crazy Eyes” from the movie “Mr. Deeds.” I can definitely see Steve playing Anthony’s character.steve-buscemi

Week 4: Plaster Casting

So Anthony, Michelle, Andy, and I went down to Redondo and met up for this activity. It honestly was just a cool day since we had to wing a whole assignment together. Being down at the beach got hot, but being with friends made it dope. Jokes were made, parking was paid, and I saw a lady smelling seaweed. All in all, it was a fun experience; just a chill day with da homiez,IMG_3743 IMG_3742 IMG_3740 feel me?

Week 4: Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley

I walked in and I understood. I usually don’t get art, but this one… I really just got it right away. Maccabee really encompassed the challenges we encounter in life through these glass sculptures. Some pieces were of broken pathways where they showed foundations that have given away at your feet like when all your support is gone and you feel like you’re falling. He really showed that life is fragile and each step should be a weary one. The pieces I took photos of are the ones that really inspired me. There’s one in particular that looks just like a huge splash. To me it resembles jumping into deep waters but making a huge splash. Its resonance to me is that even big leaps can have big impacts, but the leap has to be a worthy and strong leap. IMG_3734 IMG_3731

Week 4: Student Interview – Evan Huang

Walking around trying to find someone to interview and I got Evan. We are very much alike. For instance I’m in an art class like him and we both wear shoes. But we also enjoy Blink-182. They are the voice of a generation. We both were huge fans of the band. Evan said it was his favorite, but he was jelly when I told him I saw them live at the Wiltern last year. Front row pit. I could have touched Tom if he would have just reached out. Also, Evan was a police explorer. Its a program where minors can see how it is to be a police officer and they work with the police. He really enjoyed the program. When I was in it, I hated it. It was the equivalent to being injected with AIDS. Because being injected with AIDS isn’t fun for anyone. Imagine the best part of your life, and it would be the complete opposite. Evan is a cool guy.


Week 3: Kickstarter

So I didn’t think I’d ever come across something like this, but damn this is really convenient for me and my musician friends.


This is just genius. The fact of just being able to think of a song, write it down, easily and understandably map it out, and allow it to be shared between friends. It’s pure genius. A couple of friends of mine and I make progressive house music but due to distance its always hard to show them everything thats going on right away for them to map out and hear and understand. But with 12Bar (luckily we all do have iPads, really good musicians tool in all honesty) the process is possible. I really want this to happen because we would so totally benefit in every way from it. I’m gonna talk to them about backing this project up because it just really is a good tool.


My Kickstarter Video:


Week 3: Student Interview – Michelle Hall

Italian food kicks ass. You ever eat Olive Garden breadsticks? I’d slap Mayweathers ass if I was guaranteed a lifetimes worth of Olive Garden breadsticks. Michelle Hall works at Olive Garden. She probably can’t get me breadsticks for a lifetime, but in the case that I was in Cypress and I happened to get “Take Out” from Olive Garden, and Michelle was the one taking my order, she’d be the one exchanging me breadsticks for money. She’s a “Take Out Specialist” there. Of all the people that take the take out orders, she’s the one you’d want to trust. She’s a specialist. Her inspirations caught my attention because they were unique. Most people find inspiration in an object or quote. She finds it in herself, her family, and in the things that come her way. I wish I could inspire myself, but my inspiration lies somewhere else. I can’t find it. It’s hiding. My inspiration is a jerk. Screw it. I don’t need it anyways. Anywhoozle, she’s just finishing up learning how to teach. Lets hope she’s a kickass teacher. Not like she’s gonna kick peoples asses but in the manner of people saying “YEAH MICHELLE HALL IS THE BEST AT TEACHING, SCREW THE HATERS.”


Week 3: Artist Interview – Christopher Vavrek

So walking into a room full of wires and computers just hanging around everywhere would make a computer science major feel at home, wouldn’t you think? Complete opposite. Christopher Vavrek’s exhibit was an obscure one. TV’s, computer screens, and projectors, all displaying (upside-down, sideways, you name it) images of what seemed to be just letters. To the untrained eye, it would probably look like code, but it was really just gibberish letters, but the coding isn’t what it was capturing. The artist was creating sculptures from old thrown out pieces of technology we deem obsolete. Using these obsolete items, he means to give them use again, but in his own form of sculptures. To me, it put me off track, walking through obscure scenarios. It felt in a way like chaos. A lot of people think that technology is a form of chaos. Unfortunately, the artist wasn’t here for me to truly ask him about his view on this specific exhibit, but to me it showed that technology can put us in our own forms of chaos. Being stuck within the flow of media and simplicity. It’s like being trapped.





Week 2: GLAMFA Artist – Mathew Usinowicz

So a submarine and a hot dog. Definitely an attention getter to those who just like randomness. Mathew captured a view of political concept in my opinion which I understood. War and look at us we are German eat a frankfürt. I thought it was funny because it kind of conceptualizer the German past and switched the view of how innocent they are now. Very funny. I like this painting because it uses a very unique but vividly understandable way to capture a viewpoint.