Week 1: GLAMFA Artist – Heidi Kayser

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I’ve always been a musician (pianist to be exact), so for me instruments have always been my form of art. On Thursday I got a glimpse of real art. Something seen not heard. Walking through the galleries I found myself looking at paintings/sculptures thinking, “Soooooo i have no idea what to get from this”. But then I stopped and saw these two pieces of art. They caught my attention, more so, they captured my mind. The artist Heidi Kayser (after reading her biography) and I have a lot in common. The moment I looked at these two pieces I thought of my brain. The interweaving lines representing the thoughts and ideas that cross at all times through my head. So many lines, and so many thoughts. I understood the art, it spoke to me. Her art is very moving in the sense that it captures the true concepts of the mind and the feats and unusualness that goes on in each mind. For hers and mine it really is just thoughts, crossing back and forth, one over another, just like her art; lines interweaving and crossing over each other in an infinite loop. I would love to have actually gotten a chance to meet Heidi to truly ask her more about this moving and defining piece, maybe I would have been able to find out more ideas and inspirations from her on a more personal stance.